Your Trusted Advisor

LM Austin LLC is a full service certified public accounting firm that provides immediate access to a broad spectrum of business and technical expertise. We value our clients and are committed to providing innovative solutions to meet their unique needs. We lead not only through our core accounting, assurance and tax services, but through our extensive expertise in business and financial consulting.    Read more

Delivering Measurable Results

Our multi-disciplinary approach is geared toward creating value that helps you optimize your performance through directed services that focus on:

Strategy alignment and execution

Risk management

Increased efficiency and effectiveness
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Providing Customized Services

At LM Austin LLC -

Our Accounting Services allow you to accomplish more in less time and have greater confidence in the quality and continuity of your decisions.

Our Audit and Assurance Services go beyond reporting the results to provide a clearer understanding of your top and bottom lines and a true measure of your success.

Our Tax Services provide cost-effective advice, advocacy and action.

Our Consulting Services provide perspective and deliver solutions with measurable impacts.

Cultivating Lasting Partnerships

LM Austin has the technical expertise, industry knowledge, objectivity and genuine passion for accounting, assurance, tax and consulting to provide unparalleled services to:


Small Businesses and Start-ups

Law Firms/Attorneys

Not-For-Profit Organizations

Healthcare Providers

Construction Related Companies

Government Entities

Condominium/Homeowners Associations
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